Who we are and what we do

The Albert A. van Daalen Group is a matchmaker between capital seekers and capital providers. Worldwide. The Albert A. van Daalen Group is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Europe), and Hong Kong (Asia). In considering potential locations for our WHQ, we chose Hong Kong for its central role as a top financial market and global business center. 

The Albert A. van Daalen Group (of legal entities and representatives around the world) works with business partners, such as (independent) professionals and companies, to carry out all duties in a highly professional way. 

The Albert A. van Daalen Group (formerly acting in the name and on behalf of Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners) provides business financial intermediary services across all sectors and industries. Our clients include profit and not-for-profit businesses, private and institutional investors, investment banks and other financial institutions worldwide.

The Albert A. van Daalen Group has a wide variety of Dutch and international clients and cross-border transaction experience. Fully dedicated to our clients, we provide top-level impartial advice and focus on the establishment of long-term client relationship. 


In our global society, we are constantly searching for the balance between profit, people and planet. That is why we have committed to corporate social responsibility, as formulated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.


Albert A. van Daalen Ministries (Alvadam) offers not-for-profit business financial intermediary services, especially for religious and social entities worldwide. In cooperation with qualified funding arrangers for gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources for non-profit organizations. In addition, Alvadam is also aimed at giving intellectual & human capital in the best sense of the word. Alvadam is affiliated with the Albert A. van Daalen Group.

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